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Why sell your house to a cash buyer?

Simply put: cash buyers provide quick, hassle free relief at a time when you need it most.

Our mission is to give back, our vision is for better neighborhoods and quality of life, and our values? Those are the backbone of what drives this machine, we prioritize integrity, hardwork, and discipline in every project we take on.

Why should you sell your home to a cash buyer? Not just any cash buyer though: Jeer Properties. Well we are beyond your regular cash buyer, we have a mission to revitalize neighborhoods across Greater St. Louis to move our economy forward! Did you know that housing development is one of the main factors for community growth? In communities where there is a lack of housing but commerce abounds - there is also a high commuter rate from residents that live outside of the commercial region. These citizens have felt like they have no suitable housing options in the area where they work. Now, to me that is a problem because if you are working in downtown St. Louis and commuting let's say up to 1 hour per day to work that really isn't very effective. Studies show that long commutes can affect your quality of life. Ideally you'll want to work and live in the same city, a 15 min commute would be fantastic!

At Jeer Properties we are well versed in real estate and aren't your typical basement rookie who just spent $500 at a seminar. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. That is why we have pledged that our sellers will not have to:

  1. Pay a dime in back taxes,

  2. Do any clean ups

  3. Perform any repairs

  4. Pay commissions

  5. Open their property to inspectors and a litany of "prospective buyers"

Whatever it is you decide to do with your property, we are happy to help you. Please give us a call or feel free to send us an email. You can talk to our team of experts about your situation, we will consider your financial situation, property value, timeline and many other factors to best advise you. The best part is, this service is free and complementary. Our leadership team at Jeer Properties is superb, try us!

For more information on selling your home by yourself to a cash buyer or utilizing a real estate agent please check out our article: "Should you use a real estate agent to sell your house?

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